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A hard working male

Pin-tailed Whydah - aerial display

Late afternoon I took my D800 and Sigma 150-600mm for a stroll through the vineyards and encountered a male Pin-tailed Whydah, hard at work impressing the ladies – and I mean hard at work in his breeding finery – small red beak, pure white rump with black back and wings and then off course the long, long black tail. ... Read more

Lightroom CC Panorama stitching tips

After a long and gruelling trip, through deserts, over mountains and down steep sandy valleys we finally arrived at our destination, the Tatasberg Wilderness Camp, in the dark, long after sun-set. Early the following morning with the first light of dawn, I headed out and climbed the koppie (small rocky hill) behind our camp with tripod and camera in hand, exited about what might unfold as the day breaks. As you have seen above, I was not disappointed – this remains one of my favourite images. ... Read more

Wildlife Photography Basics: Part1 – Camera master class

How to guide for aspiring wildlife nature and travel photographers - Part 1: Get to know your camera backwards - every button, every dial, every setting.

Wildlife Photography Basics – a multi-part tutorial I’ve often been asked by many friends and colleagues for tips and guidance on how to get started as an aspiring wildlife photographer so, in line with my pay-it-forward philosophy, herewith the first in a series of articles on the basics of wildlife photography. Of course, many of the basic ... Read more

Sigma TC1401 teleconverter – Review and sample shots

Quick field review of the Sigma TC1401 teleconverter on the Sigma 150-600mm Sports with sample shots taken with a Nikon D800

This 1.4 times converter changes the lens to a 210-840mm f/7.1-9.0 super telephoto. It adds 40% in reach, 1 f/stop loss in aperture and adds an additional 190 g in weight, which takes the lens to 3.05Kg. What I wanted to confirm was: Is it usable early in the morning at first light Is the autofocus able to lock on subjects fast and reliably, including birds in flight Are the resultant images still sharp enough? ... Read more